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vintage caravan for cool camping summer holidays

Vintage Caravans

These old beauties are becoming extremely chic CoolerCamping equipment. They can be picked up on Ebay but you should certainly see them in the flesh before handing over any money. Unlike the American aluminium Airstream trailers older British caravans were made of less robust materials and don't fair so well over the years. Make sure you do your homework or better still find someone reliable to do it for you!

If you aren't into DIY there are also a few companies that are making brand new vintage styled caravans which might be more up your street!

Club for vintage 'Cheltenham' caravans - they also list vintage caravans for sale on their website.

The English Caravan Company are producing a small collection of 3 caravans with a strong 40’s & 50’s retro look. Handmade and bespoke to your personal tastes they combine traditional workmanship and skills with state of the art materials and contemporary design, to create a caravan for today.

They also source and restore vintage caravans and Airstream trailers.

vintage caravan holidays

If you want to have the full retro experience you can stay at a unique campsite near Whitby called La Rosa.

Fancy a trip to glorious Sardinia? At Bella Pineta, you will find two Emperor tents, canvas tents similar to Bell tents but bigger, set in 6 acres, as well as a gorgeous vintage caravan called 'Little Rosa'.

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 teardrop trailers buy


This section is all about teardrop trailers, small, compact, towable, camping units you can sleep in. They have quite a lot going for them and they are becoming increasingly popular. They're so small and you can store them in a regular-sized garage. They have a low centre of gravity and are lighter than full-sized caravans so they can be towed by an average-sized car and they're also easily manouvered. Add to that the fact that they are considerably cheaper (if you ignore the Airstream Basecamp) than a normal sized-caravan and you are onto a winner.

We've listed some of the most popular models available to buy in the UK today, but if you're feeling a bit creative it's also possible to import them in kit-form from the USA and make one for yourself.


The English Caravan Company are producing a small collection of 3 caravans with a strong 40’s & 50’s retro look. They offer three sizes ranging from the smallest Teardrop size up to a 14 foot 'classic'.

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